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G1 3.5mm Audio Noise Reduction Isolator Bluetooth Receiver

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G1 3.5mm Audio Noise Reduction Isolator Bluetooth Receiver

1. Hum elimination: eliminates hum noise caused by ground loops when the audio source and (some car speakers/home audio systems) use the same power supply, resulting in clear music enjoyment, and the excitement blooms from there
2. Pure sound quality: no damage of rock music, give you a better experience, can be used on mono
3. Easy to use, just plug and play, no battery required
4. Small and portable, this gadget does not take up much space and is easy to take away

Unable to eliminate noise problems:
Noise caused by non-common ground cannot be filtered by this model, such as electromagnetic interference, etc. Be sure to confirm the source of the noise before purchasing
Because everyone has different expectations for the isolation effect and has different senses, some customers think it is good, and some customers think it is not good
This product is an audio common ground isolator, which is effective for the noise caused by the common ground between the audio source and the receiving device
To put it simply, the common ground means that the grounding points of the two electrical appliances are not at the same point. Due to the difference in grounding resistance, the noise is transmitted into the electrical equipment through the ground wire, forming interference. Because the grounding points of the two devices are different, common ground noise may be generated. It is manifested in the car audio, that is, there is a kind of audio interference, a humming sound similar to whistling. The frequency of this noise will change with the engine speed.
Therefore, this product can only eliminate noise and current noise caused by products with common electricity and common ground, but cannot eliminate noise caused by other reasons, so you need to confirm the source of the noise yourself

Determine whether the noise is caused by a common ground:
1. Use earphones to connect to the AUX (3.5mm interface) of the car MP3 and car navigation. If there is no noise from the earphones, it can be confirmed that the noise of the car equipment is caused by the common ground
2. Use an audio cable to connect the battery-powered mobile phone or MP3 (note that the mobile phone and MP3 should not be connected to any power source on the car, such as a telephone) to the AUX on the center console of the car, and play the music of the mobile phone, so that there is no noise at this time , it can be confirmed that the noise in the past was caused by the common ground
3. Computer, power amplifier, stereo, CD: Use passive headphones to plug in the computer to test whether there is noise, use a mobile phone to plug in the power amplifier and stereo to test, if there is no noise in the two listening separately, the basic judgment is caused by common ground
4. After starting the car, the installed power amplifier has a current sound, and some models may also have a situation where the greater the accelerator, the greater the current sound. This product can solve this problem.
5. If there is a current sound between the power amplifier and the speaker or the speaker, this product can be installed between the power amplifier and the speaker.
6. When the notebook computer is connected to the projector and connected to the power amplifier at the same time, there is noise. You can connect the notebook to the adapter power supply or use the battery. At this time, the noise disappears when the power amplifier is unplugged, or the noise disappears when the projector is unplugged. Then you can connect the computer’s headphone jack and power amplifier. A common ground isolator is added between them to eliminate noise
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.10kgs / 0.22lb
One Package Size 8cm * 5cm * 5cm / 3.15inch * 1.97inch * 1.97inch
Qty per Carton 302
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 53cm * 33cm * 33cm / 20.87inch * 12.99inch * 12.99inch
Loading Container 20GP: 462 cartons * 302 pcs = 139524 pcs
40HQ: 1072 cartons * 302 pcs = 323744 pcs

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